Bobby Bloomfield
producer & mix engineer

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If you have recorded your music and would like to get it mixed professionally or have been to a recording studio and are disappointed with the results, you can send your unmixed files to a professional mix engineer and get a modern, optimally balanced, radio-friendly mix back. Bobby has 15 years experience in pro audio and has mixed for major labels, film and television as well as those on a budget.


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Bobby took my music to a whole new level. My jaw literally dropped when I heard what he did with my tracks. Amazing.
Ezequiel Jaroslavsky

He's got a great ear/eye for detail, friendly and no nonsense. I'd happily recommend him to anybody and would consider throwing more music his way... and maybe I will. Hmmm.
David Johnson, The Jettes 
Can't stop listening to it. What you've have done is incredible. We really appreciate all the time and work.
Thom, The Naked & Famous (Australia)